Report on our 2015 Survey

A run-down on our 2015 survey:

We had a total of 530 members respond to our survey – that was about 25% of our email contacts at the time which is a good result for on-line surveys.

Almost 2/3 of survey respondents said their concern around the crime risk was the reason for joining Neighbourhood Support.  82% of the total survey respondents also said that Neighbourhood Support (NS) in their street is effective/very effective in relation to crime reduction.  Over 85% said that NS has met their needs and expectations.  This is great news as it shows that what we are doing is making a difference and people have a enhanced/increased sense of safety and security.

Over 80% of our survey replies also made comment of an increased level of neighbours supporting each other.  This is an important part of NS as communication (a necessary part of support) within each group is a most effective tool as it enables groups to identify suspicious people or behaviours within their area.

Of slight concern to us was the lower percentage of people that felt they were ‘disaster ready’ (58%) so this is something we will be looking into.

When asked about members preferences in relation to staying connected with NS, unsurprisingly (due to the survey being electronic), ’email’ was by far the most popular followed, pleasingly by ‘people’ or, the act of communicating with other group members.

We needed to know how useful our members found the information that we send out.  The result was that almost 90% found the burglary email useful/very useful, and over 90% found our issue specific emails useful/very useful.  Almost 50% found the info contained in the member packs useful/very useful. Our Facebook posts didn’t fare as well with less than 20% finding it useful – although on closer examination of the comments it became apparent that this was due to people not knowing we had a Facebook page.

So, what are we doing going forward?

Due to the amount of houses registered within our system we have embarked on a push to encourage all members that have email to register their email address with us – this ensures that information we send out is received by the majority of our members in a timely manner.  It is then up to those members to make sure that other members of their groups that don’t have email are informed.

We have changed the format of our burglary alerts to include a general vigilance message with a reminder to use 111 if you see suspicious behaviour.  We also use this email to warn individual suburbs of any issues specific to them and for city wide messages about general crime trends.

We have updated our website – as you have now seen! (please feel free to send us some feedback via the contacts page)

We have changed the ‘feel’ of our radio show and are using it as a way to keep the vigilance message going for those not on email contact with us.

If there are other things you would like to see please let us know