What is the difference between a street group and an email group?

A street group is a collection of neighbours that look out for each other and each others property. As a street group, each house is given a welcome pack of useful information and a sticker advising ‘visitors’ that the property is part of a NS group. Groups are encouraged to keep in contact and have semi-regular catch-ups and to make sure their contact details are up to date.

An email group only receives email notifications from us and members of these groups do not have each others contact details

Why should I be in a Neighbourhood Support (NS) group?

Our statistics show that, generally, about 80% of burglaries occur at properties that are not members of active NS groups.  Also, we send out emails informing our members of any local issues in relation to crime that they need to be aware of.

How do I start a Neighbourhood Support group?

First, talk to your neighbours about starting a group.  When you have enough neighbours interested give us a call or send us a message and we’ll help with organising your first meeting.

How does being in a Neighbourhood Support group help to minimise the risk of burglaries?

By having a group of vigilant neighbours along with the visible deterrents of street signs and window/letterbox stickers, a strong signal is sent to prospective burglars that there is a higher chance of being caught.  Also, by being part of Neighbourhood Support you have access to many resources to help you make informed decisions around safety and security.

Who do I contact to change any of my details?

In the first instance you should let your street contact know as it may be time for a group catch-up meeting which is a great time to confirm or change details (Your Street Contact will send any updated information to us).  If you don’t have a street contact please contact our office, yourself, so we can update your information.

Why do you need my email address?

We use email to communicate with our groups and suburbs as it is a quick way of sending crime and Civil Defence information to lots of people across our area.  We do not share your email with any third parties (advertisers etc).

How do I report a crime?

Dial 111 from any phone to report a crime or a suspicious activity in action. Alternatively, dial (06)3513-600 for non-emergency crime reporting.

What is Neighbourhood Watch and Neighbourhood Support?

Neighbourhood Watch was introduced by New Zealand Police in the late 70’s as a crime prevention initiative. This has later evolved into a formal organisation known as the Neighbourhood Support, which is working closely with the Police and other strategic partners. The national body, Neighbourhood Support New Zealand Incorporated was established in 2000 and oversees a total of 12 district Neighbourhood Support organisations throughout New Zealand.

How much does it cost to join Neighbourhood Support

It’s FREE to join, but we are a registered charity so any donation is gratefully accepted.

Is there a street group on my street?

If there is a street group in your street it will have Neighbourhood Support street signs to show where it is and the houses will be displaying Neighbourhood Support stickers.  Alternatively you can ring us on 355 4468 to talk about starting a new street group

Can I get some Neighbourhood Support stickers?

Neighbourhood Support stickers are provided to members only and is part of the membership pack when you join.  If your stickers are faded and hard to read we will replace them as long as you are still a member of an active group.

How can I get a Neighbourhood Support street sign?

Neighbourhood Support street signs are provided when you set up a street group.  We have two rounds of street sign replacement each year so if your group needs new signs please let us know.

Street signs are placed at either end of each group.

The information we will need is:

  • The street name
  • The lamp post number (on a plate fixed just above head height)
  • The number of the house the lamp post is in front of
Does my email address have to be printed on the group list?

No, it doesn’t but if you would like your email to be invisible on the printed group list you need to ask us to suppress it before the list is sent out